Our Story

Green Light Security is a security installation company located in South Surrey (British Columbia) established in 2017. We install high quality video surveillance systems and components, oriented to the residential and commercial sector. Our focus is to take security one step farther by providing residents and businesses with the latest customized, affordable home/business video surveillance systems that can also be monitored. Imagine being able to monitor the safety of your home from anywhere in the world! This modern technology allows us to keep a closer eye on our home at any time, from anywhere, to record unwanted activity or intruders, and provides us with a level of security beyond that of a traditional security alarm system.

Installing a home video surveillance system no longer needs to be a complex and expensive process involving large, invasive equipment with limited functionality. There are now more simple, portable, energy-efficient and customizable systems available that meets everyone’s needs and budget. Equipment packages range from very basic to state-of-the-art, and our specialists work with you to install an optimal quality system that provides the latest in video surveillance functionality.


Our specialists have years of experience with security and video surveillance systems, spanning several Canadian provinces as well as abroad. Our services include a free consultation to determine the system of your need, as well as design recommendation and system installation estimate.

There is a range of equipment packages to choose from based on need, preferences and budget. With packages available that range from the most basic to state-of-the-art, we work with you to provide an optimal quality system with the latest video surveillance functionality that’s easy to use. Green Light Security services include a free consultation to determine the system of your need, as well as design recommendation and system installation estimate. Installation includes 1 year of post-installation warranty and technical support as well as the 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information about the latest in home video surveillance, contact one of our specialists at 778.386.5590.

Why Our Service

Green Light Security strives to suggest the best setup for our clients and in most cases, we customize our system to meet your needs. We provide clean and professional CCTV Security Cameras installation.

At Green Light Security we love helping our clients get most out of their surveillance systems, electronic gadgets, network and wireless systems.

No project is small or too big for us at Green Light Security; we also offer other low voltage services like Home Automation, Access Control (Card Reader Access), Burglar Alarm, Intercom System, Wi-Fi, surround sound, Home Theater, Networking etc.

We love to call ourselves “PRO” in this field, We're sure you’ll agree with us when you see us in action. We handle every difficult installation with a careful approach and come up with new ideas for a particular job.

Give us a call today, and we would be happy to work with you and provide you the best service that you deserve.

For all your business and home security system needs, call Green Light Security today at (778) 386-5590.